About Us

Felicity Keep - owner of PlantGirl

Plants Are Good For You

PlantGirl is Sydney’s fun and vibrant same-day plant delivery service.

It’s the creation of Felicity Keep, a writer and plant lover from Inner West Sydney. Keep’s mission with PlantGirl is to bring happiness to Sydney-siders by spreading the love of plants.

“I was working in an office and there was a flower delivery. I saw how much it just absolutely made the recipient’s day. That’s the moment when I thought how wonderful it would be to combine my love of plants with a same day delivery business.

I started off small, just succulents and coloured pots but the demand of indoor plants became quickly apparent and my plant selection and products grew. There is such a mutual love in this city for indoor jungles! It makes my job so easy because I love to help people send a plant to someone or to themselves’.

PlantGirl delivers low maintenance and hard-to-kill plants in Sydney, constantly changing their plants and ceramics around so you can keep going back for new things. There is always a plant for the black thumbs, making it a fabulous gift idea that will last.

Our Mission Statement:

We aim to deliver plants that are not only beautiful, but also easy to maintain and care for, especially indoors. Plants are good for you in so many different ways. They reduce stress, clean the air, increase creativity and have a positive impact on your overall health. Just by sending plants out everyday we are achieving what we set out to do. Making people happy with the gift of green!