Indoor Potting Mix

Indoor Potting Mix

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Our premium indoor potting mix is perfect for your plants and is sure to help them thrive! Mixed with perlite, pine bark, slow release fertiliser and a little peat moss. This bag is the perfect size to have at home when you don't do a large amount of potting but need a little on hand for repotting your plants.

Keep container sealed and always use gloves when handling your potting mix. Avoid breathing in dust or mists from potting mix.


Potting your plant:

  • Remove your plant from it's old pot. Gently loosen the old soil, keeping the root ball in tact.
  • Put a base layer of your potting mix into the new pot (that ideally has a drainage hole).
  • Add your plant to the centre of the pot and surround it with potting mix until it's sitting up firmly. You want your plant to be snug but avoid packing the soil in too tight.
  • Water your plant and watch that baby grow!

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