Selfwatering Pot (300mm)
Selfwatering Pot (300mm)

Selfwatering Pot (300mm)

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These selfwatering planters are simply beautiful and lightweight.

Plastic (BPA free)
Made in Melbourne

Size: 300mm pot (300mm w x 255mm h - 180mm planting depth).

How to use:

  • Simply plant your plant in as you would into any pot using good quality potting mix. 
  • Water from above the first time to help the potting mix settle in. Excess water gathers in the waterwell at the bottom. 
  • The plant begins to wick up the water it needs from the waterwell via the potting mix. 
  • Once the waterwell at the bottom dries out it's time to begin topping up the water via the waterwell at the bottom. 
  • Topping up via the waterwell helps the plant get a good airing out between watering. 
  • Don't be afraid to let the waterwell remain dry for a while as well - especially in cold and wet and dark areas when plants don't need as much water and the potting mix remains wetter longer.

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