The Best Plants For A Bathroom

Bathrooms are notoriously tricky spaces for plants. They tend to be poorly lit, have limited ventilation and are often damp, which makes it hard to find plants that will thrive.

Plants will not only help to create a relaxing environment, they'll also assist in purifying the air in your bathroom by absorbing carbon dioxide and pollutants. So if you pick your plants carefully and strategically you can have a beautiful, plant filled bathroom! Here are a few of our favourite picks for those tricky spaces.

Large peace lily - PlantGirl Sydney


The peace lily (Spathiphyllum) is a great pick for a bathroom. It grows in bright or low light, and it thrives off the humidity created by the shower. They tend to be thirsty plants so we find they enjoy being in the bathroom.

Snake Plant at PlantGirl in Enmore


Sansevieria is an excellent choice for the bathroom because it thrives in low-light conditions. These hardy plants can tolerate everything from low light and infrequent watering to high humidity and neglect. A must try for the darker bathrooms where plants don't seem possible.

Girl holding Pothos Plant at PlantGirl in Enmore


A bathroom is a perfect place for a pothos. These plants can pretty much survive in any environment which makes them top of our list for bathroom plants! They're very forgiving of infrequent watering and can tolerate low light conditions. Add this plant in to create some cascading lush jungle vibes.

Aloe vera plant - PlantGirl


Aloe Vera is an amazing bathroom plant if you have adequate light! It's a stunning plant and great at absorbing moisture, which makes it an ideal plant for this space. They will tolerate a little lower light but will thrive in brighter conditions. Be careful of over watering though as this is the easiest way to kill them.

Kimberley Queen fern - PlantGirl Sydney


Another plant for a brightly lit bathroom is the Boston Fern (Nephrolepis Exaltata). These guys are very lush looking and easy to grow in a bathroom due to the humidity. They will tolerate some neglect but will likely need enough light to be happy. This family has a variety of fern styles that will work, including the Kimberley Queen and Macho Boston.

Zanzibar gem - PlantGirl Sydney


The ZZ plant (Zamioculcas zamiifolia) is known for its ability to endure neglect, which makes it a great choice for a bathroom. This plant can survive anywhere! if you have a really tricky bathroom with minimal light, this is the first plant you should try.

Start with this selection of plants in your bathroom and before you know it, you'll have a plant haven! Visit us in Enmore if you'd like to talk all things plants and grab a few of these beauties for your own bathroom.

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