The Best Indoor Plants For Low Light

We obviously love our indoor plants, but depending on where you live, there isn't always an abundance of bright, natural light.

Many plants won't survive in low-light areas, so picking the right indoor plant for your space is crucial to seeing it last the distance. We've pulled together a list of our go-to indoor plants that are perfect for all those darker spots in your home.

Devils Ivy plant


This plant literally got it's name because it's near impossible to kill. Devil's Ivy likes indirect light and can handle low light conditions.

It's a tough plant and extremely hardy (our favourite kind). It's also super easy to propagate and doesn't need frequent watering.

Chinese Evergreen plant (Aglaonema)


Chinese evergreen (Aglaonema), is a great plant for beginners. This easy-care tropical plant is grown mainly for its beautiful foliage.

Most Aglaonemas are grown under low light conditions, which makes them perfect for offices and other locations where low light areas exist. Even though they grow well with little light, they will grow faster and become more lush if you give them medium light levels.

Heart-Leaf Cordatum Plant


The Philodendron Heart-leaf is one our favourite house plants for a low-light situation. It has beautiful heart shaped leaves and grows long vines that can be trained up a trellis or left to trail over the side of a bookcase.

A Philodendron Heart-leaf will thrive and grow quicker in bright indirect light, but will also tolerate low light conditions. The most important thing is to keep it out of direct sunlight which can burn the leaves.

Zanzibar Gem Plant


Also known as the ZZ Plant, the Zanzibar Gem is a houseplant that's loved for its low-maintenance qualities.

The plant has thick stems with smooth green leaves that emerge from them. It also grows from a rhizome to help it store water. The plant is native to Eastern Africa and does well in low light areas; plus it requires very minimal watering (depending on the size of the plant you can get away with monthly).

This is the perfect plant for someone who is notorious for killing plants!

Sansevieria Snake Plant in PlantGirl shop


AKA Mother in laws Tongue, the Snake Plant is at the top of our list for low light plants. It requires minimal watering and is great for air purification. You can also find it in different shapes and sizes, so it's easy to find one that suits your taste.

It can grow up to four feet tall, so it's the perfect plant for filling empty corners of rooms. We also love to propagate this guy, it's incredibly easy!

Cast iron plant


The Cast Iron plant is an almost indestructible houseplant and very elegant. This plant will survive in low light (artificial or natural) and will even tolerate longer periods without watering.

The Cast Iron is known for its ability to thrive in conditions that would cause other plants to die. So you can see why this guy made our list. Just be sure to check the leaves regularly as this plant seems to be prone to spidermites - but can definitely defeat them if treated.

While all of these plants are our favourite picks for low light environments, all plants do need a little light to grow and thrive. Make sure to check on your plants and look out for signs that they aren't happy, like browning or yellowing leaves. Try swapping plants or relocating them if they seem to be struggling. And keep an eye on our Insta and Blog for other plant care tips.

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