How To Propagate Succulents

Big succulent rosettes

We love succulents at PlantGirl. They’re low maintenance, come in quirky shapes and are super easy to propagate!

There are lots of ways to propagate succulents, one method being from leaves and stem cuttings.

Leaves & Stem Cuttings

Succulent leaf cuttings - PlantGirl

First of all you want to start with your leaves or stem cuttings. For a leaf, gently twist the leaf of the succulent close to the stem to pull it off. It should snap off easily, sometimes taking a little of the stem with it. You need to be careful not to break the leaf too far away from the stem, as these will just die off.

For a stem cutting you can either cut the head of the succulent off, or cut an offshoot. Ensure it has a few leaves attached above the cut.

Allow To Callous

Calloused succulent leaves - PlantGirl

It’s important to let your leaves and stem cuttings callous over for a few days. You can usually tell when they're ready by touching the edge to see if it’s hardened. If it is, it’s ready for the next step!

If it isn’t, leave it for another day or so. You shouldn’t need to leave it for any longer than a week.

Place your cuttings on soil

Sit your leaf cuttings on a bed of soil. You can do this in any vessel, whether it’s a container or tray, and keep it out of the rain and full sun for now.

No need to push the leaves into the soil, this can sometimes kill them. Simply place on top of the soil so that the ends are curving away from it.

With your stem cuttings, they can literally just be stuck into the soil. That’s it!

Wait It Out

Now you wait. This process isn't a quick one and can take a few weeks to see the first results. Begin to give them minimal water from time to time but be careful not to over do it or they will rot and die. You can try by just lightly misting around the leaves with a spray bottle.

You may see a few die off and that’s fine, these could be the leaves that weren’t taken off the stem properly.

After a while you will see tiny roots begin to form at the edges and possibly miniature little succulent rosettes beginning to form. This is a good sign!

succulent rosette on leaf

Continue To Water Sparingly

Your succulent babies will want more water as they continue to grow. You can use a spray bottle and just aim it where the roots are.

Don’t overdo the watering and allow the soil to dry out.

Plant Your New Succulent Babies!

Holding succulent rosette ready to plant

When your leaves have good sized rosettes and roots coming off the edge it's time to transplant them to their own soil so that they can grow into bigger succulents.

By this stage, most leaves will have shrivelled off, leaving the succulent rosette on it's own living off it's new roots. Some leaves hang around for longer, and that's fine.

The stem cuttings that you placed in soil should be growing roots by this stage too. You can check by gently tugging on them. When there is resistance, that's a great sign that roots have formed.

With some sunshine, your succulents will continue to grow into unstoppable beasts! It does take time but before you know it you will have a little succulent army on your hands.

Big fully formed succulent

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