How To Propagate Snake Plants (Sansevieria)

How To Propagate Snake Plants (Sansevieria)

Large Sansevieria Plant - PlantGirl

It's absolutely no secret that here at PlantGirl we are crazy about Snake Plants (AKA Mother in Law's Tongue). These plants are so stunning and unique with their long wavy leaves. They're also known for their air cleaning abilities and are extremely hard to kill! What's not to be crazy about, really?

Another thing we love is just how easy they are to propagate, especially from cuttings. If you have a big plant and you want to separate it into pups you'll need to get your hands a bit dirty, but that's what gardening is all about.

Divide Your Plants

Large Sansevieria Plant - PlantGirl Sydney

First you'll need to see how many plants you can make. To do this, take your plant out of it's container and remove as much of the soil as you can. It's important to be really gentle during this process as you want to keep all of the roots in tact. Just gently massage the soil until it easily falls away.

Sansevieria Plant being divided - PlantGirl Sydney

You should start to see (or feel) the rhizomes which is your next step. Rhizomes are the big tube like stems that run underneath the entire plant and send out shoots. They connect all of the leaves together. Basically, rhizomes are awesome.

Get Your Cuttings

Cutting the rhizome of Sansevieria Plant - PlantGirl Sydney

Once you can clearly see your rhizomes or are able to feel them properly, it's time to carefully cut them to split the plant up. The amount of cuttings you get will entirely depend on how big your plant is to begin with.

Sansevieria cutting with roots - PlantGirl Sydney

Using a sharp pair of secateurs, make a clean snip on the rhizome, in the middle of two separate shoots. It's important that you make sure that each cutting has a good amount of roots coming off it. This will be vital to the continued growth of the cutting.

Repot Your Sansevieria Army

Sansevieria Cuttings - PlantGirl Sydney

You can either let your cuttings callous over for a few days (many people do) or just plant them straight away. We have found that planting them straight away is no issue, so we tend to just stick them straight into soil.

Try to use a good quality mix that drains well and also has some weight to it. You can mix in some perlite and sand which works well for these reasons.

Watch your Snake Plant Babies (Slowly) Grow!

Repotted Snake Plant Cuttings - PlantGirl Sydney

Now your snake plants are ready to grow on their own! These guys are slow growing, so don't worry if you're not seeing any new leaves for a while. As long as they still look healthy, then they're doing great.

Want to propagate more plants? Check out our tips on how to propagate Devil's Ivy and Succulents.

We often use snake plants at PlantGirl as they make perfect house and desk plant gifts, but we have a whole range of hard to kill plants and offer same day delivery Sydney wide!

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