How To Care For Your Succulents

One of the reasons we love succulents is that they’re pretty easy to care for and longer lasting than flowers. This makes them a great gift choice or the perfect way to add some plants to your own home if you’re not a total green thumb.

These little guys are called succulents because of their water-holding capabilities, which give them a swollen (and in our minds, adorable) look. They are low maintenance plants as long as you follow a few steps to keep them kicking along.

Succulents come from places that typically have sandy soils. If you can get some sand, this is perfect for draining. If you can’t, improve drainage of ordinary soils by adding in crushed granite, bark or coarse perlite. At PlantGirl we use a mix of composted bark and granite, which should help your succulent to thrive and drain quickly.

Water Me

Water your succulents, but try not to over do it. Too much water can cause your succulents roots to rot and they will eventually die.  Over-watering is a common way to kill a succulent – this is not to say you shouldn’t water them though! They like their roots to be soaked, but it’s best to allow the soil to dry out completely before watering again.

Weekly watering is a usually a safe rule of thumb, but take the weather into account as well. Succulents will need watering a little less in winter and more frequently in the summer months.

Sunshine And Light

The amount of light that each succulent needs will vary between species, but in general the majority will do well in a sunny position. Some good spots for your succulents inside would be near a window or in the brightest area of your home.

Don’t be afraid of a little fertilizer to keep you succulents thriving either. We like to give ours a small dose on a monthly basis to keep them nice and healthy. You can find plant feed fertilizers from most supermarkets.

Follow these few caring tips and you should have happy succulent plants. If you would like to brighten up your home or someone else’s, PlantGirl offer same day delivery in the Sydney area.

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