Caring For Indoor Plants In Winter

Caring For Indoor Plants In Winter

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We all love to care and tend to our indoor jungles. It’s half the joy of having plants in our homes. But when Winter rolls around the care requirements change for our little green friends and we need to take a few extra steps to keep them thriving through to the Spring.

Slow down on watering

Most plants are in their dormant period during winter, so it’s important not to over water them. They will often stay damp for a longer period of time.

They still need to be watered from time to time but it’s a good idea to take them out of the pot and water them in the sink so that they don’t get wet feet. Plants don't like to stand in water, this can lead to root rot.

If you’re unsure whether your plant needs water check the soil. If it’s dry, give it a water but if it’s wet, leave it alone. You can also purchase a moisture meter from your local hardware store – these are super handy and check the level of moisture in the soil for you.

Sunshine & Light

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If you can, give your plants some light. Move them to a spot by a window that receives some indirect light to help them thrive throughout winter.

Just be careful not to place them next to a window that gets extremely cold overnight – especially if you live somewhere that snows or gets frost.

Some plants will be happy enough to move outside for some much needed sunshine as well, so place them somewhere under cover where they can soak up some rays.

Clean their leaves

With everything closed up at home through winter, plants tend to collect more dust than usual.

Simply use a damp cloth to wipe their leaves. This will get rid of any dust or dirt, allowing them to remain healthy.

Add moisture to the air

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A lot of indoor plants love a bit of moisture. You can create this by giving them a mist with a water spray bottle from time to time.

You could also go a step further and grab a humidifier. Having a humidifier on nearby from time to time will keep them from drying out.

Keep them away from drafts

A lot of indoor plants don’t like drafts and cold air, so be sure to place them away from doors and drafty windows.

Hold off on the fertiliser

We love to give our plants fertiliser every now and then but in their dormant period, they really don’t need it.

Hold off fertilising through the winter and wait until spring, when they begin to grow again.

Happy through the winter, happy into spring!

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Following a few of these steps will help your indoor plants to stay happy and healthy until our favourite time of the year, Spring, where everything starts coming back to life!

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